Mustard Seed Learning Center has been serving Palo Alto families since the 1990’s.   We are a long established after school care program dedicated to learning Mandarin in Palo Alto.

The owners raised their own children in this community, and they strive to better their neighborhood so that Palo Alto can continue to be the best place to raise young families today.


Mustard Seed Learning Center is an extra curricular, after-school tutoring program designed to build children’s academic comprehension.  We emphasize language, mathematics, science, arts, music, and social behavior development using multi-cognition teaching methods. Our teaching methods have been recognized as the most valuable and effective way to discover and enhance students’ talents.  Our outstanding program and highly trained faculty are willing and able to help our students to reach their fullest potential, and to prepare them for a brighter future.


Our mission is to serve every student with excellence.  The school is a positive, supportive environment where learning is maximized by high expectations, accountability, and the collaborative efforts of faculty, students, and community working together.

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